Olman Vargas

Excursion Master and Trip Boss

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Olman has been a tour guide and director for 27 years. He was awarded the best tour guide in all of Costa Rica and the Caribbean for the past two years. His love for his country and his knowledge are apparent from the minute you meet him. You will leave Costa Rica with a greater knowledge of the country and will see and learn about much of Costa Rica's amazing wildlife. Olman is not only a tour guide, he is also a certified masseuse and Chiropractor. After a long day of working out Olman offers his services so that you can wake up refreshed for the new day. And, as "Trip-Boss", he makes sure everybody is always safe and sound for the duration of their trip.

“I love both of my jobs, and feel honored to show my country, the customs, as well as the plants and the wildlife.”