Kate Colvin Ph.D.

Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Kate is a veteran of our Costa Rica trips. She is a fitness fanatic and CrossFit devotee. Kate started her career in health and fitness in 2003 while attending the University of Idaho for her undergraduate degree where she taught group fitness classes and personal training. After her undergraduate degree, Kate moved to Seattle to pursue a career as the Fitness Director of a private gym. Through her close work with clients, Kate began to see the large role that the individual's mindset played in their physical fitness goal achievement. In 2008, Kate began her graduate studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Through Sport and Exercise Psychology, Kate is able to bridge the gap between mind and body to help clients enhance their physical performance. Kate works with our guests to enhance the mental component of their fitness regimen through effective thinking, attention to all routines, proper energy management, and goal setting. Whether you're a recreational exerciser or competitive athlete, Kate can help you get your mind right!

Kate currently works at Fort Bragg for the U.S. Army as a Performance Enhancement Psychologist. In her spare time she coaches at CrossFit Ferus.

  • B.S. Health Education, University of Idaho
  • M.S. Physical Education & Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Idaho
  • Ph.D. Sport and Exercise Psychology, Texas Tech University
  • CrossFit level 1
  • Yogafit Level 1
  • Yogafit Level 2
  • Lemond Cycling